The Carroll Township Authority is a sanitary sewer collection system located in Washington County. The project construction began in the fall of 1975 and was funded under an E.P.A. grant and long-term loan financing for 40 years from the Farmers Home Administration (USDA - Rural Development). The system was first operational in 1978.

The system is comprised of 42 miles of sanitary sewer mains in sizes ranging from 8", 10", 12", and 15". There are 1,100 pre-cast concrete manholes in the system and fifteen pump stations. The service areas are divided into two major areas, the Monongahela service area and the Donora service area. Sewage treatment is provided by public facilities in Monongahela, Municipal Authority of the City of Monongahela, and in Donora, Mon Valley Sewage Authority.

The CTA was organized under the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Act, 53 Pa.C.S.Ch 56 as amended. A Board of Directors, appointed by the Carroll Township Board of Supervisors administers the operation of the Authority. All Board Members are non-compensated and are appointed to a five-year term with one member each year subject to reappointment. Public meetings of the Board are held on the third Monday of each month @ 5:00 pm at the Carroll Township Municipal Building.

The Authority is staffed by three full time employees involved in the operation & maintenance of the sanitary sewer system. Three full time employees, including the General Manager, Business Secretary, and billing/collection staff in the office. The Authority staff and administration hold multiple levels of certification in a waste water system from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Environmental Protection.

There are approximately 2,000 residential customers and 42 commercial customers on the system. There are approximately 400 homes scattered through out the township that remain on on-lot sewage disposal systems. The CTA provides sanitary sewer service for a number of public and private institutions including the Campus of the Monongahela Valley Hospital; the largest commercial account, along with the Ringgold School District, Mon Valley YMCA, Residence at the Hill Top, Havencrest Nursing Home and the Spartan Health Center.

Fees charged for residential service are a flat sewer rental rate billed on a monthly basis. All commercial accounts are billed on actual consumption with all paying at least the minimum flat residential rate. All accounting, billing and collection are provided in house by the Authority Staff.