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Razed Home Procedures


When a home connected to the public sewer in Carroll Township is to be razed, advance notice must be given to the CTA.

The existing service line is to be located with care and excavation by hand. It is imperative that the existing line is not damaged, crushed, broken, or pulled by the demolition equipment used.

Once located, the service is to be cleanly cut off at a location approved by the CTA, and sealed permanently with a SCH. 40 PVC solvent cap. Prior to covering said line, the CTA will inspect the seal for compliance.

The location of this sealed lateral shall be marked with a buried pipe stake. The contractor shall be solely responsible for taking a minimum of two (2) measurements off of existing structures; i.e. – telephone pole, wall, post, for future use in locating the abandoned lateral or service.

Any future connections to the sealed and disconnected service must be approved and inspected by the CTA, meeting all of its regulations & rules in effect at the time of connection. 1/07