Sale of Property

Realtor Information:

The Carroll Township Authority requires at least five (5) working days notice for the downspout/building sewer inspection. Inspections are preformed on Wednesday mornings by our staff. Frequently we are asked to perform these inspections on short notice due to unforeseen circumstances involving closings. We make every effort to accommodate these wishes but are not always able to do this.

When inspections are preformed very close to the closing date and a violation or problem is found, this further complicates the closing and sale of the property for all parties involved.  

We suggest that once a property is listed with a realtor, that the downspout/building inspection be preformed well in advance of the sale. Contact the Authority office to schedule these. The Authority will honor these inspection results as long as a home is listed.

Please keep in mind that a representative of the family or realtor must be present at all times during the basement phase of the downspout/building inspection. Inside the basement, our inspectors are paying close attention to the condition of the basement sewers, checking for any indications of French drains, and water problems that may contribute to the infiltration of ground water into the public sewers. Internal inspection of basement sewers may be required with the Authority’s closed circuit color television camera. Property owners have been required to replace basement sewers when they have found to be defective. This can be costly, thus the need to address such matters well in advance of the closing date.

A copy of the form with the information that we require to schedule an inspection and request a no-lien certificate along with the fees that are associated with each one can be found on our website. Also, enclosed is a list of procedures that have to be taken care of prior to the inspection date. It is imperative that this information is passed on or shared with the respective agent or owners on their respective properties. Schedule your inspection at the time of listing or sale, not at closing.


Sale of Property



2003 Amendments to the Municipal Authorities ACT Permit Adoption of reasonable rules & regulations relating to sewer laterals. Authorities established by a second-class township have the power to enter premises to inspect under the municipal authorities act.

1.) An inspection should be scheduled at the time of listing, not sale. When a no-lien certificate is issued for a refinancing, an inspection is also required. Every effort should be made to request this inspection as soon as possible by the closing company. Building inspection are conducted one day a week on Wednesday mornings unless prior arrangements are made. A responsible individual must contact the Authority office during business hours to schedule the inspection.

2.) An inspection is typically good for three years unless alterations are made to the plumbing or an addition is added to the structure. The CTA reserve the right to require additional inspections on properties suspected of having wet weather problems & issues.

3.) The outside sanitary sewer vent (mushroom cap) on the trap must be exposed, 8-10” above grade, and accessible. This requirement must be checked by the seller and corrected if necessary prior to the inspection.

4.) The clean-out cap on the sanitary sewer; located next tot the vent cap, must be fully exposed and accessible. This requirement must be checked by the seller and corrected if necessary prior to the inspection.

5.) The homeowner, preferred, or an authorized representative must be present at the time of inspection. The actual homeowner typically has a better knowledge of the location of outside area drains, downspouts and sanitary sewers.

6.) Full access must be granted to the basement and or crawl spaces for the inspection.

7.) The Authority staff must have full access to clean-outs on the sanitary sewer located in the basement. Debris, furniture, nor stored materials shall not obstruct them.

8.) The CTA will make every attempt to perform a color video inspection (CCTV) of the private service connection on the exterior off the home. The CTA will also attempt to perform a CCTV inspection of the basement sewers through a clean-out cap or drain in the basement of the building.

9.) Evidence of deteriorating pipe condition determines pass or failure of test. Root intrusion, I&I, illegal cross connections identified at time of inspection will also determine a failure.

When it is not practical to complete repairs or correct a violation prior to a closing date, sufficient funds should be escrowed out of closing cost to cover said repairs and guarantee the completion of the work.



Building inspection with Sale of Property - $100.00

(Resolution No. 5 of 1999)

Building inspection with Refinancing - NC


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